The Journey of One Wanderer and Their Successes and Failures in the ONA


The Sinister Journey – Correspondences Pt. 2

Septenary Correspondence Septenary Correspondence Black

Book 1

Correspondences, Pt. 2

Chapter 2


The Wanderer knew this model was incomplete and not perfect but it was something to work with.  A fully 3-d model would need to be completed with each dark pathway having it’s own specific colours to help with visualization but this would do for now.  The Wanderer chose to the color scheme with the “Ego” above and the “Subconscious” below to represent what is usually seen in life.  A merger of colours could also add depth but for now it was not needed……


SS612    125yf, Summer

The Sinister Journey – Correspondences


Book 1


Chapter 2

The Wanderer began the work of Dark Pathworkings (DP) by drawing out an illustration.  What was immediately noticed was that only two colors were present for each sign, a “Subconscious” and an “Ego”.  Where was the third, that of the “Self”?  The Wanderer was stricken by questions.  Did this imply a third was not needed?  Did this imply that the 3rd would/should be blended by the previous two as a sort of completion, i.e. – Yin/Yang, Outer/Inner, which would signify a new color?  The Wanderer could follow that train of thought to even more correspondences.  If the answer was a new color than that could also relate to a “new being” being formed after the completion of each path.  So many questions and so much time would be needed.  Another sign of the actual simplistic system being a truly complex system would be the continuing upwards of the DP themselves.  A DP may have two different path numbers attached to it but at no time does a symbol reconnect with a previous symbol when deciding these DPs.  Though Venus travels to both the Sun and then Mars and the Sun receives Venus and also travels to Mars on the same DP, both the Sun and Mars do not travel backwards to the Sun -Venus and Mars -Sun/Mars – Venus.  Almost as if, the Tree of Wyrd refused to even acknowledge a backwards slide but must push on forever upwards.  Again, so many questions, so many correspondences and so many future questions that have yet to be realized………..


SS612    125yf, Summer

The Sinister Journey

Core Books

Book 1 

The Beginning

Chapter 1

A new journey started today.  The Wanderer was in possession of the manuscripts needed for the traveling of the Seven-fold Way and the ONA.  Items would still be needed on the journey.  Items that would require time.  The Wanderer had plenty of time.  This journey would require a lifetime of experience and understanding.  Items were already being shipped to the Wanderer’s location.  A quartz tetrahedron, civit oil and and pieces of individual quartz for shaping into Star Game pieces were some of these items.  The most important things were already set in motion to be obtained which were a will to triumph and a dedication to the course set out before the Wanderer.  The Wanderer was under no illusion that this path would be easy.  They were fully aware of the mountainous obstacles that were already being set down to obstruct the path.  Each obstacle a test and a possible reward in overcoming it.  Each obstacle and a possible punishment for failing to meet the test.  How would the Wanderer fair, they thought to themselves.  Only time would tell and in the present time (which is the only time that really mattered) it was an ending for talk and a time to start……

SS612    125yf, Summer

A Life-Long Occult Quest For Wisdom

I hope to one day look back and see the same thing in my own life.

SS612   125yf, Summer


Regarding Myatt

David Myatt

” [David Myatt’s] life exemplifies what a life-long sinisterly-numinous occult quest for wisdom is all about. That’s his contribution. He doesn’t exemplify the life of a ‘satanist’, however you want to define that term. He doesn’t exemplify the life of someone on the LHP, however you want to define that term. He doesn’t exemplify the life of a pagan, or that of a poet or that of an iconoclast, however you want to define those terms. He doesn’t exemplify the life of a mystic, nor that of a neo-nazi nor that of a Catholic nor that of a Muslim nor that of a criminal.

He embodies elements of all of them – he embodies the sinisterly-numinous, i.e. of what the O9A is as a way of life, a culture. Because of this, his writings are not that important. Grasp the essence of the man, of his life, and you’ve understood…

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